Services & Solutions

USSECURENET vows to be reliable, secure and ready – just like your mission. Crafting innovative solutions with integrity to meet your future communication needs head on. Whatever your specific need may be, we can provide a solution for you and your team.

OUR GOAL: To take the emergency out of emergency telecoms – making sure that every day communications are:


Securenet Connect, powered by DigiGone – a secure multi-user video conferencing software application. (See product in use during interview with Sean Swarner and CBS News)

Communication technology that allows clients to communicate securely around the world, through fully encrypted means. Video teleconference, Voice or Data transfer with minimal encryption requirements. Using NIST approved 256-bit AES encryption, SECURENET CONNECT, powered by DigiGone™ provides you with:

  • Encrypted video over IP – up to 5 individuals at once
  • Selectable bandwidth consumption rate (from 40-150 kbps per user)
  • Selectable frames per second rate (from 5-30 fps)
  • Encrypted voice over IP (VoIP), instant messaging & file transfer
  • Remote destruction


  • - your online management platform for online, real time, network management
  • Firewall- tailored to protect your business; blocks unauthorized incoming traffic while allowing your outbound traffic to go only to the destinations you determine. Standard and customized features available
  • EMail on the FLY with FLYCarrier-email and compression software for satellite
  • S-F-T-P-Secure file exchange system for large, secure file transfer
  • Video Conferencing for multi-users
  • Closed User Group Apps- self configured & flexible, bridging satellite, laptop, office and cellphone; mulit-user or point to point
  • IM chat- available on-the-go or in large user packages for fleets
  • Encryption- for on-net users and mobile devices: cell, satellite or laptop
  • VOIP
  • Shore to Ship and 10 digit dialing w local number assignment

Network VAS:

  • APN management
  • IP Housing
  • Network management
  • Interconnect
  • Telehousing in NYC or Amsterdam POPs
  • Private Line