Our Network

The USSecurenet data backbone network offers redundant, any-to-any connectivity between any two places on the globe. The MPLS based is a flexible IP network with multiple PoPs on 3 continents, allowing fully redundant service. We have built on Juniper M-series carrier class equipment and built on Juniper M-series carrier class routers, offering any-to-any communication at any speed and layer 2 or 3.

The USSecurenet network offers seamless E to E solutions, for complex problems, providing private networking, applications and solutions unique to your communication needs. USSecurenet actively develops reciprocal partner relations to expand VAS and extended connectivity into its network.

USSecurenet Globalnet:

  • MPLS based, flexible IP network
  • Built on Juniper M-series carrier class equipment
  • IPv6 enabled across the entire network
  • PoPs in Amsterdam, New York,
  • Co-Location space available in Amsterdam and New York
  • Interconnections with your network possible at any speed or by VPN
  • Intelligent interconnects forlowest latency routing
  • Two links between Amsterdam and New York over different physical sea cables