About USSecurenet

USSecurenet, a mobile satcoms network operator, provides managed data networking over land, sea or air. USS integrates Inmarsat, Iridium, Vsat and terrestrial MPLS fiber to provide seamless versatility to its customer networks.

USS customers have dynamic networks that expand and contract against their core on assignment. USSecurenet implements permanent and fixed networks with managed IP. USS offers co-location and full network backbone management services as well as mobile satellite solutions. VAS inside the network offer:

  • Military grade, network integrated bandwidth rich video conferencing, eliminating the need for Tannenberg or other external video conference;
  • Secure managed bandwidth encrypted video-conference, email, text and audio conference solutions inside with SecureConnect and exclusive USS product
  • Collocation at USS data POPs in either NY or Amsterdam
  • IP addressing
  • Radius housing, partitioning, APN management

US-Securenet.net, the most comprehensive dashboard available, is the USSecurenet online tool for activations, pin codes, firewalls, VAS, customer care, reporting and billing. The dashboard offers a user-friendly design and single access to all services. Click here to directly access this great tool: http://support.us-securenet.com

USSecurenet, a woman-owned small business and the only American Inmarsat Distribution Partner, is a data network operator dedicated to providing the highest level of secure communications for its American customers. USS specializes in managed data transport over land or mobile satellite. USS specializes in communications for US military, first responders and law enforcement.

Why Satellite?

USSecurenet knows how important communication is to your business. USSecurenet specializes in communications for US military, first responders and law enforcement.

Mobile satcoms are the phones of choice for the US military, first responders and anti-terrorism teams. The BGAN service is accessible throughout North, South and Central America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. The Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN) is a global satellite Internet network that includes telephony using portable terminals Unlike previous satellite technology, BGAN terminals are the size of a laptop and are easily portable. Inmarsat’s I4 geostationary satellite network provides USSecurenet customers with global internet and telephony access anywhere line-of-sight to a satellite exists.

Our goal is to support your business wherever you go.